Sometimes a trend comes along that takes a while to work its way from the outside world into our houses, but once it’s here, we don’t know what we did without it! Take our new obsession with neon and lightbulb signs. Once the preserve of red light districts and bars in American sitcoms, they now belong in living rooms, and they’re fantastic.

From the vaguely misleading outside of the brilliant La Bodega Negra to the current cult celebrity status of Chris Bracey from God’s Own Junkyard, neon is certainly having a zeitgeist moment. Perhaps even more interesting though is the emergence of the lightbulb, or marquee, sign. I’m saving up to buy this Lucky Star. (I may be saving for a while).

Search ebay for vintage steel and lightbulb letters, or check out Andy Doig and Fishtail neon. Their cool tiny studio is literally on Brighton beach and they do commissions. Well worth popping your head in for some bright excitement while you’re munching your fish and chips  in the rain.