Current trends - Plants

Haworthia and Terracotta

When I first joined Pinterest, one of the first people that it was suggested that I should follow was Justina Blakeney. Her bohemian, plant filled ‘Jungalow’ in California was a like a big gulp of fresh air for me and I began to use her design ideas in my home, and then more and more into my work

Justina Blakeney’s ‘Jungalow’ Kitchen

These days, plant filled homes are everywhere. Shops like Conservatory Archives in Hackney and plant subscription service Geo Fleur cater to the now insatiable need for succulents, fittonias, ferns and palms and the planty hashtags on instagram have thousands of followers.

Conservatory Archives, Hackney Road

My top tips for plantifying your house are:

1. The more unusual the better! Go for curly, frondy, drapey, anything fun and quirky. Below is my lovely ‘string of pearls’… she’s crazy and I love her.

One of my planty nooks

2. More is more. One plant looks lovely. Five look awesome.

No such thing as too many…

3. Collect vessels as you go. Old jam jars, egg cups, outdoor vintage terracotta pots, strange fish shaped jugs from the charity shop, you name it, it’ll make a great plant holder. Remember, you’ll need a saucer under anything that has a hole in the bottom (that’s an oversight that’ll only happen once…) and if it doesn’t have a hole in the bottom, don’t overwater! Ask your friendly plant shop owner whether you have bought a thirsty bunch or not.

Lovely selection of quirky pots and things

Plants. Absolutely the easiest and most fun way of transforming a room. Give it a go, you can’t get it wrong!