I had a lovely lunch yesterday with one of my favourite clients. We are about to start work again on a beautiful house (actually, a cluster of separate residences) on the quiet and unspoilt island of Tinos, in the Greek Cyclades. He bought the land years ago, and we have been working on ideas and designs ever since. The house is now rising up out of the land and we can really start thinking in earnest about how we want the interiors to look.

What is the most important thing for an island house? What do we want from it? Whether the house is cutting edge or traditional, my first thought, as I sit here in freezing cold London, is that I want spectacular views and outdoor living. Big uncluttered windows, seating areas that looks out to sea, or the mountains, and somewhere to watch the sunset if at all possible. Will we be spending time with friends in our holiday escape? Comfortable terraces for evening drinks, a big, user friendly kitchen, and lots of well equipped bathrooms are high priorities.

Holiday houses are where we escape the clutter and chaos of our city lives. Clean lines, open spaces and luxurious comfort are a must. Everyone has a different idea of what it means to relax, whether it is in Benedictine silence or raucous hellraising, your vacation home has to cater to your every whim.