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Decorating with Pink

  29.11.2017   Interior Design, Plants

Decorating with PINKJust. So. Pink. At Pietra Nolita. Boys, get on board, pink is here, and it’s here in a big way. Really, for a colour which has such strong associations

Rock’n’roll decor

  10.09.2017   Interior Design, Plants

How to decorate your home like you’re proper rock’n’roll!So you’re reading the Sunday Times Style mag, or Grazia, and there’s a gorgeous glossy spread of some cool celebrity mum and

Current trends – Plants

  4.06.2017   Interior Design, Plants

Current trends - PlantsHaworthia and Terracotta When I first joined Pinterest, one of the first people that it was suggested that I should follow was Justina Blakeney. Her bohemian, plant

Art for art’s sake

  7.04.2017   Art, Interior Design

Art for art's sakeMonochrome Picture Wall at Shoreditch House Art. It’s a minefield. It can cost ten quid or ten million quid. And sometimes it’s pretty hard to see the


  20.01.2017   Interior Design

CURRENT TRENDS - METALLICSIt would be very hard to miss the current trend for metallics in the home, and, like magpies, we’re drawn to everything copper and gold here at

What’s on your bathroom #shelfie?

  1.10.2016   Interior Design

WHAT’S ON YOUR BATHROOM #SHELFIE?Now, we’re not really ones for fads and trends, but we can’t help but notice that apparently the shelfie is the new selfie. We’ve seen rainbow


  15.09.2016   Interior Design

GREEK ISLAND INTERIOR DESIGNI had a lovely lunch yesterday with one of my favourite clients. We are about to start work again on a beautiful house (actually, a cluster of


  30.08.2016   Interior Design

LAMB’S CONDUIT STREETEHD loves to shop, and we love having a mooch, so the lovely design enclave that’s sprung up around Lamb’s Conduit Street is sent from heaven. We first


  14.07.2016   Interior Design

OBSESSIONS – NEON SIGNSSometimes a trend comes along that takes a while to work its way from the outside world into our houses, but once it’s here, we don’t know