Now, we’re not really ones for fads and trends, but we can’t help but notice that apparently the shelfie is the new selfie. We’ve seen rainbow coordinated book spines and ornaments galore, but we think this is the perfect opportunity to talk about our secret obsession, the bathroom shelf(ie).

The potions, the lotions, the packaging and bottles and tubes and fragrances. Heaven forbid that we actually use any of the products, we just want to admire them. Here at Eleanor Horwell Design we are longstanding devotees of Jo Malone and Byredo perfumes, and Diptyque candles, they always make the ordinary look special.

We love to display large aftershave bottles and shaving paraphernalia, and we can’t get enough of the masculine allure of Mad Et Len products for cool vintage bathroom vibes.

For something a bit more feminine and unusual, stock up on vintage perfume bottles and glass jars from your local car boot sale. Fill them with your favourite supermarket products, and some jam jars full of flowers and you’ll never want to get out of the bathroom again.